KLTR Coffee Roasters

KLTR Coffee Roasters reminded me of one coffee shop in West Jakarta, Koultoura Coffee, since the name is pretty similar (drop all the vowels from “Koultoura and you’ll get KLTR). My guess was right, the same owner of Koultoura, now opens a new addition to add a long list of coffee shops in Jakarta. KLTR Coffee Roasters is located at Pavilion Apartment Jakarta near Citywalk Sudirman. Although the space here is not really crowded, KLTR braces itself to serve a good cup of coffee for us.

When I first came in, it felt really classic with its decoration. Baristas brew the coffee from the U-shaped counter, while on the left side of the counter, there are two big sofas – red and gray colored – on each table for two. On the right side, there are several small wooden tables and chairs. The shop here also has a small space for wooden bar facing the window, near the entrance door. Personally, I like the calm ambiance and the upbeat jazz music here.



Back to basic coffee



KLTR offers its coffee with a limited choices, but making sure they are well crafted and served. When you order, you won’t see latte or cappuccino on the menu, but you will see a different name of both of them. KLTR uses the amount of milk instead, 5oz and 7 oz respectively.

To give you understanding, we opted out using the terms latte and cappuccino. Instead, we use 5oz and 7oz as for the amount of milk you are consuming.

For non-coffee, it has fresh orange juice (OJ), simple yet refreshing.


Enjoyable foods

While the coffee choices are limited, choices for food is not bad. KLTR has modern lunch dishes here, such as Avocado Toast, Chicken Waffle and Pan Seared Barramundi. But one that caught my eye was its French Toast. The french toast here is topped with maple pork bacon and whisky ice cream, a bit unusual combination but surprisingly good. I like the way the toast, pork bacon and the ice cream compliment each other. The bacon wasn’t served too crispy but still easy enough to bite. The whisky ice cream taste wasn’t too bold and it balanced out with the toast and the pork bacon.

French Toast with Maple Pork Bacon and Whisky Ice Cream (IDR 100k)

Two sides of KLTR

I got a chance to have a small talk with one KLTR guy and I found something interesting about KLTR. The coffee shop opens early in the morning, but closes at around 5 PM. It turns out that KLTR wants to serve more people at night, as well as in the morning. The coffee shop will turn into a hangout place which offers alcoholic drinks, said the guy. They feel that they need to answer demand for a whole day hangout place and they come up with a quite a great idea, like this hybrid coffee shop.



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