Six Ounces Coffee Kelapa Gading

Talking about Kelapa Gading, it’s one of the most crowded area in Jakarta with foods and coffee shops. Another coffee shop popped out to join the party, and it’s Six Ounces Coffee. While ‘competition’ among coffee shops is getting fiercer, this coffee shop is trying to give us, coffee sippers, an extra comfort while taking a visit here. Let’s see what they get.

Homey ambiance


Six Ounces has a really homey ambiance for a coffee shop. The shop is decorated with wooden details and walls, including the tables. Before we enter the shop – via a sliding door – we can see there’s a grass carpet to give some fresh look and a high communal table for sharing.  First floor is not that spacious but its second floor can fill more people. Some old and classic decorations also fill the corners at the shop. It’s a cozy place for both hangout and working remotely.



Big love for breakfast

Coffee choices here are pretty complete, from hot to cold ones. Six Ounces also state that every cup of coffee is served with Double Ristretto. My coffee was presented on a wooden tray along with a cup of mineral water to balance your coffee dose.

Latte (IDR 35k)


Moving on to the food. Nowadays adding food menu to a coffee shop makes the coffee shop itself looks more complete. Six Ounces Coffee also follows the trend but not heavily getting sucked into it.

Food menu from Six Ounces Coffee’s kitchen serves more breakfast type dishes. I tried its Big Brekkie and Pulled Pork Benedict. I have to say the Big Brekkie is kinda complete. Served on a big black plate, I got sour dough with scrambled egg on top, sauteed mushroom, bacon, sausages and some potato wedges along with roasted leek and carrot and mix salads to complete.

Big Brekkie (IDR 100k)

For the Pulled Pork Benedict, it the usual toasted sour dough with two poached eggs on top and poured with chipotle hollandaise sauce. The pulled pork is put just under the poached eggs.  The dish also comes with a sliced cucumber with cherry tomato garnish at three points on the plate. The pulled pork shoulder was really good and the taste came out after being beer braised for 6 hours. I also like the chipotle hollandaise sauce, that gave a mix of sour and spicy flavour to the dish.

Pulled Pork Benedict (IDR 90k)

Overall, Six Ounces Coffee is worth a visit while you are around Kelapa Gading area.




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