Trattoria Lippo Mall Puri New Menu

Entering this October, an authentic Italian cuisine specialty restaurant, Trattoria Lippo Mall Puri will kickstart the new month by launching three new menus on 1 October 2017. I was lucky enough to try these new menus on a gathering by the restaurant itself. Without further ado, here are the three brand new menus.

Spaghetti Marimonte

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The first menu is Spaghetti Marimonte. This spaghetti is inspired by the combination of sea and land elements, hence the Marimonte name. The spaghetti is cooked well with tomato and cream sauce mixture. The toppings consist of a bunch of mix seafood, mushroom and meat. The taste of tomato and cream sauce was not overwhelming and spot on. While the combination between the two elements, meat and mushroom (land) and mixed seafood (sea) gave a colorful taste to the dish.

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Tagliatelle Boscaiola

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Moving on to the second menu and it’s another pasta. Tagliatelle is used as the pasta for the dish. The homemade tagliatelle pasta is served in red wine tomato sauce and with Italian sausage mixed with the combination of several type of mushrooms, such as portabella, champignon and oyster mushroom. On top of the dish, there’s a sprinkle of parmesan and emmenthal cheese. The red wine tomato sauce was reflected on the color and the taste of the dish. The sausage and mushrooms were too salty if they stood alone, but combine them with the pasta and the taste will balance each other out.

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Ravioli Dolce

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Last, it’s a dessert! This is not an ordinary dessert as the size is enough for 2-3 people sharing. A giant oven baked ravioli filled with dark chocolate, banana, peanut and marshmallow. It is served with chocolate drizzle on top. The skin was soft and delicate and the fillings were awesome! By using dark chocolate, it didn’t make the dessert too sweet and the hint of banana and peanut was still tastable. Tips : consume directly the dessert and get the best experience of melted chocolate and marshmallow!

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Make sure you give a try for these new menus from Trattoria Lippo Mall Puri!

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