Bebek Garing Crispy Duck Lippo Mall Puri

During a random visit to Lippo Mall Puri to try one of the newly opened mango dessert shop there, I had no idea about what to eat for dinner that night. I chanced upon a brand new Balinese restaurant, which is Bebek Garing Crispy Duck.

Casual dining scene

Located at the first floor (near Matahari Department Store), the restaurant offers a very subtle Balinese ambiance. Some tables inside have a setting like a hut. Nothing much else that can be described, but the restaurant have a quite big enough space for many people.

Various Balinese duck menu

Bebek Garing (IDR 85k)

Bebek Garing Crispy Duck trademark menu is its Bebek Garing (Crispy Duck), deep fried duck with a very crispy skin. You can order its value set, where it comes with a choice of a quarter or half of duck. You can also pick your rice, either plain white rice or brown rice. Your rice is uniquely presented with the shape of cone. Each duck dish comes along with its trademark three kinds of Balinese sambal.

Three kinds of Balinese Sambal

I tried the recommended Bebek Garing meal (IDR 50k (quarter) / IDR 85k (half)). The duck was cooked evenly and the crispiness was matched to my liking. But the meat was a little bit tough, a bit off from the tenderness I expected. To accompany the duck, the meal also has kangkung plecing, blanched water spinach served with cold plecing sambal, which is one of traditional Balinese menu.

Bebek Garing (IDR 85k)

Another meal that I tried was Bebek Garing Sambal Matah meal (IDR 50k (quarter) / IDR 85k (half)). This menu is the same with the Bebek Garing one, with additional sambal matah on top of the duck. The sambal matah and three kinds of Balinese sambal were actually not really β€œkicking” my tastebuds, as I was expecting the sambal to be spicier.

Bebek Garing Sambal Matah (IDR 85k)
Bebek Garing Sambal Matah (IDR 85k)

The restaurant also serves Balinese style chicken, fried rice, and satay. A lot of choices that you can choose here other than the crispy duck dish.

Kangkung Plecing

Overall, Bebek Garing Crispy Duck is still a good place for satisfy your craving your Balinese style duck meal. If the restaurant can improve the sambal taste, then this restaurant is surely a go-to place!

Ratings :

Food : 3.5/5

Ambiance : 3/5

Service : 4/5

Value : 3.5/5

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