Tom Sushi Grand Indonesia

After we saw a new wave of sushi restaurant opening up around Jakarta in past few months, here comes another one! Tom Sushi has just opened its first branch at Grand Indonesia. The restaurant is located at the lower ground floor, next to Abura Soba.

Tom Sushi brings the concept that is focusing on the sushi bar, where fresh sushi is served directly from the kitchen on the conveyor belt. Other menus are also served on the conveyor belt, but in form of cards. Pick the card and show it to the waiter if you want to order it.

Tom Sushi

Extremely good value of sushi

Pricing for each colored sushi plates is very simple and affordable, ranging from IDR 10K, 15K and 20K. Yes, this is a really wallet-friendly sushi price! Imagine having salmon sashimi for only IDR 20K!

Despite the price here being so affordable, the quality of the sushi here is pretty good and fresh. Sushi range here is also quite complete. Although there’s no sushi roll that you can enjoy here, you can indulge yourself with full of nigiri, gunkan and makimono. Tom Sushi also has donburi in mini size, matching with the standard price set there.

Salmon Sashimi Tom Sushi
Salmon Sashimi (IDR 20K)

I tried several nigiri, gunkan and makimono and here are several of my favorite and I think can be a recommendation for you : Aburi Salmon Belly Sushi, Salmon Mentai Sushi, Spicy Hana Salmon, Volcano and Spicy Ebi Tempura Floss Maki.

Aburi Salmon Belly Sushi Tom Sushi
Aburi Salmon Belly Sushi (IDR 20K)
Salmon Sushi Tom Sushi
Salmon Sushi (IDR 15K)
Spicy Hana Salmon Tom Sushi
Spicy Hana Salmon (IDR 20K)
Spicy Ebi Tempura Floss Maki Tom Sushi
Spicy Ebi Tempura Floss Maki (IDR 20K)
Chicken Karaage Don Tom Sushi
Chicken Karaage Don (IDR 20K)

The Aburi Salmon Belly was perfectly grilled with salmon roe at the top. Spicy Hana Salmon is sushi wrapped with grilled salmon and topped with spicy mayo sauce. If you like something spicy, then you shouldn’t miss the Volcano. The spicy chili sauce was really hot!

Volcano Tom Sushi
Volcano (IDR 15K)
Salmon Mentai Sushi Tom Sushi
Salmon Mentai Sushi (IDR 20K)

Fancy a more modern touch? You can opt for the sushi and cheese range, one of them is Smoked Cheese Tamago Sushi. Although, the sushi literally only be added by shredded cheese topping, but it is enough to add a different exciting taste.

Smoked Cheese Tamago Sushi Tom Sushi
Smoked Cheese Tamago Sushi (IDR 10K)

Just in case you are coming late here, make sure you order from the menu book because after 9 PM, the sushi won’t be put out on the conveyor belt to avoid any leftovers.

Tom Sushi Grand Indonesia

Limited space

Although the sushi is enjoyable here, one thing to note while eating here is the space provided. The restaurant is almost certain to be always packed because of the very limited space. It’s a good idea to come as early as possible to avoid long queue in peak hours.

Tom Sushi Ambiance

Tom Sushi Grand Indonesia

Ratings :

Food : 4/5

Ambiance : 3/5

Service : 4/5

Value : 5/5

Showing you Grand Indonesia map instead :

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